Richard Grosche

Managing Director
Weingut Reichsrat von Buhl - Germany
Richard Grosche, Weingut Reichsrat von Buhl, MidAtlantic Wine + Food Festival Delaware

Reichsrat von Buhl was founded in 1849.  There is 56 hectares (140 acres) mainly in Forst and Deidesheim, the two most prestigious wine areas (towns) in Pfalz. Riesling is their most important variety, making up 87 percent of their production. Reichsrat von Buhl is in the lucky situation to have mainly (actually mostly!) grand cru (VDP.Grosse Lage) and premier cru (VDP.Erste Lage) vineyards in their vineyard portfolio. One premier cru vineyard was actually downgrade and sold as a “village wine” because otherwise they would have only premier crus and grand crus:

Premier Cru: Kieselberg, Mäushöhle, Musenhang, Paradiesgarten
Grand Cru: Ungeheuer, Pechstein, Kirchenstück, Freundstück, Jesuitengarten, Reiterpfad
The winery had been rented to a Japanese business man in 1989 and he started to bring the brand back to life. 120 years earlier, Reichsrat von Buhl Riesling was served at the official opening ceremony of the Suez channel – this is to illustrate the traditional ranking of Reichsrat von Buhl as one of the world’s leading estates…. Otto von Bismarck and Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy were two famous von Buhl fans in the 19th century.
In 2005 Achim Niederberger, a businessman from neighboring city Neustadt, bought the estate from the former owner, the Guttenberg family (Enoch von und zu Guttenberg, a famous conductor). The contract with the Tokuoka family (the Japanese business man who had rented the winery and the vineyards) was continued till December 31st 2013, but vintage 2013 has already been done by the new team.
They are proud to have Mathieu Kauffmann, former chef du cave from Champagne Bollinger and one of the world’s leading oenologes and method champenoise experts on bord. He joined Reichsrat von Buhl in September 2013.

Richard has been working in the wine industry for over a decade with his last job being the editor-in-chief of consumer the magazine, Weinwelt and Sommelier Magazin. He officially joined Reichsrat von Buhl on December 1st 2013 but has been involved in the restructuring project for the time after the lease for more than a year.

Before that Richard was chief taster at Meininger publishing house and for eight years he ran the international wine academy MUNDUS VINI. He has a masters in American literature and consider himself a perfect example of hedonist (well, maybe an altruistic hedonist;-). He loves good food, fine wine, and could’t live without Riesling, bubbles (the sparkling side of life) and music.