Manu Muga

Vice President & Owner
Bodegas Muga - Spain
Manu Muga, Bodegas Muga, MidAtlantic Wine + Food Festival Delaware

Manu Muga is a third generation owner and vice president of Bodegas Muga. The Muga family began their wine making traditions in 1932 and Manu has continued to the Muga name. Manu joined the company in 1994 as the manager of domestic & overseas sales-operations and strategies. He currently resides in Spain with his wife.

After acheiving his BA Honours Degree in Business Administration, he worked in France for the multinational insurance company "La Mondiale", and once back in Spain for the Spanish Multional Company Mapfre, and his last career stage before joining Bodegas Muga he worked in Madrid for Diageo.

He joined Bodegas Muga in January 1994 taking over the management of the domestic & overseas sale-operations and strategies.

Nowadays he is the vice president of the company.