The Terroir of Honey: Why Location Matters

Date & Time: 
Saturday, May 17, 2014 - 09:00 to 10:00

This course is for those who enjoy delicious honey in their food and drink or simply by the spoonful. It is for the ‘culinary curious’ who wonder about the various colors of honey, crystallization, and the importance of knowing the source of your honey. The session will include a short presentation, open question and answer dialog, followed by a tasting of multiple honeys from various locations throughout the United States as well as the DelMarVa Peninsula. Participants will have an opportunity to safely observe honey bees working within a glass observation frame and learn how honey is created, extracted and produced. Participants will learn the background of honey, including history and significance of honey and the honeybee in the economy, religion and medicine before modern times. The course will include lessons learned from both an entrepreneur as well as a hobbyist for starting and maintaining bee colonies. Participants will have the opportunity to sample six distinct flavors of honey and a fact sheet will be provided that includes suggested pairings of cheese and wine with each of the honeys in the tasting.

Location In Building: 
Salon F
Steve Boyden
Judy Cherry
Adrienne Gage