Infused Beer Tapas Dinner

May 16
6:30 pm to 9:30 pm
16 Mile Taphouse
115 E Main Street
Newark, DE 19711
Infused Beer Tapas Dinner, 16 Mile Taphouse, 2014 MidAtlantic Wine + Food Festival Delaware

A 4-course tapas-style dinner with specially-infused beer created to complement the menu. This Newark gastropub has created a tool that allows them to marry the food and beer palates so closely, it will be hard to tell them apart. Fresh ingredients are infused into the beer to reflect the food's flavor profile, creating the ultimate merger of foodie and beer geek heaven.





1st Course

A Tasting of 16 Mile Fed Pork-  House Made Pork Rinds, Truffle Rillete of Shoulder, and House made Sausage Kale Salad with Sourdough Rye

2nd Course

Frisee, House Cured Bacon Vinaigrette, Crow Farm Fried Egg

3rd Course

Locally Foraged Ramp Gnocchi, Merguez Sausage, and Puttanesca, Chapel Creamery Amber Sun Aged Cheddar

4th Course

Butter Roasted Loin of 16 Mile Pork with Asparagus, Fresh Corn Polenta, and Rich Pork Jus

5th Course

Mascarpone and Egg Panna Cotta with French Toast Tuille, Bacon Brittle, and Blues' Golden Peach Ice Cream

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